Where can I find other help?
Visit the forum at:

Help! I am stuck on a particular level! Is there a guide out there?
There certainly is! The guide comes in two format: doc and txt

When was this game released?
May 7, 2003

What is the target demographic for this game?
Everyone. Unless you are anti-cuteness.

What is Ta-Ta Mahatta?
Check the game overview.

What are the system requirements?
Windows 98 sp2/ME/2000/XP
600 MHz AMD/Pentium III or higher
3D accelerated video card with 16MB RAM
DirectX 9
100% Windows compatible sound card

What are the recommended system specs.?
800 MHz AMD/Pentium III or higher
128 MB RAM
3D accelerated video card with 32MB RAM
6 button gamepad (digital mode)


What are the default controls?

UP up arrow key
DOWN down arrow key
LEFT left arrow key
RIGHT right arrow key
Action Z
Look At X
Strafe C
Select Previous Ta-Ta A
Select Next Ta-Ta S
Pause Menu SPACE
Action button 0
Look At button 1
Strafe button 2
Select Previous Ta-Ta button 3
Select Next Ta-Ta button 4
Pause Menu button 5

How do I save my game?
The game automatically saves when you exit to menu or quit during game.
How do I quit during game?
Press the ESC from the keyboard and choose 'Save and Exit Game'. Or pause the game, choose 'Save and Exit' and then choose 'Exit' from main menu.
Help! My Ta-Ta got stuck on an object or wall! Is this some sort of a cruel trap? It's not suppose to happen but email David Dionisio about it. For now, you will have to restart the level :(.

The game caused me to smash the monitor with my keyboard.
If you think the game is too difficult or frustrating, email David Dionisio.

I am getting an error message that a .DLL file is missing when I attempt to start the game. Specifically, the file in question is D3D9.DLL.
Make sure you installed DirectX 9 from microsoft.
The game didn't start or it rebooted my system, what's up with that?
First, check to see if your system matches or surpass the minimum system requirements. Make sure you installed DirectX 9 from microsoft.
Your Sound Card is somewhat incompatible with the game. Do the following:
open the file called 'game.cfg' found in 'Ta-Ta Mahatta\Main'.
In the section '[audio]', change 'enable=1' to 'enable=0'
The game crashes when I Alt-Tab or when the game minimizes. Why?
Version 1.02 supports Alt-Tabbing. If it still crashes, then you must be using 3DFX video
The game runs horribly slow...But I have met the minimum system requirements.
Lower the game resolution, this can be done by running the 'Ta-Ta Mahatta Setup'
You might want to update your graphics card drivers.
The level looks all black or the textures look bad, how do I fix this?
Run the game
Go to Options menu
Select Graphics...
Then set 'Level Light' to 'Vertex Lighting'
Update your graphics card drivers
Buy a new graphics card.