Game Developer
With great ambition on making the next generation of video games, David Dionisio has worked hard
during his years in Digipen Institute of Technology. Determination and dedication cost him lack of sleep
and a normal life; it was well worth it. He has shown great prestige in the arts of making video games.

Previous games developed by David are: Reign, TED, Supper and Homies. Check them all out
in http://www.renegadeware.com.

Email: ddionisio@renegadeware.com

David Clark's responsibilities were to make all the music in the game. Ta-Ta Mahatta would not
have been as much fun to play without music. David Clark has created music on many other games
and his great skills show well in Ta-Ta Mahatta.

Check out David Clark's website for more info: http://megalithmusic.com

3D Modeler
Ted is an experienced 3D modeler who is currently mastering the art of making low poly models.
He made the model for both Funga Bark and Funga Spy. Both shows how he can make awesome
low poly models.