In Ta-Ta Mahatta, the player is the brain behind the Ta-Tas to vanquish the Fungi Colony. The player will start off on the cloud. The cloud is where the player can choose to play a level or hang around and do interesting activities.

The player can choose to play a level by entering the mysterious ‘Level Select’ house. Once inside the house, the player can select any unlocked level to play. A level can only be unlocked by finishing the previous level.

Each level will start the player off with one to four Ta-Tas. The level will start with a description pertaining anything to do with the level and the goal.

The player can choose which Ta-Ta to control by pressing the ‘select previous’ or ‘select next’ button. Each Ta-Ta has its own unique ability that the player must use in order to pass through the obstacles found throughout the level.

Each level will have a number of goals required to accomplish in order to acquire victory. Once all the goals are met, the player is then returned to the cloud level with a new level unlocked. If all levels are completed, then the ending scene will be displayed.

All Ta-Tas have only 3 health points. A Ta-Ta will lose one health whenever it is hit by an enemy or by touching hazardous materials. A Ta-Ta will die when it has no remaining health points. The player loses the level when all Ta-Tas die. The player can then choose to restart the level or return to the cloud level.