The Fungi Colony, grown from the bowels of a rotten sandwich lay siege throughout the land of Ta. Infestation grew throughout the once beautiful field of blueberries and flower buds. Polluted by the ill rotten scent of the invading force, the atmosphere of happiness were no more. The Ta-Tas were no match against the might of the Fungi Colony.

How is it that a land once beautiful now lay waste and corrupted by the Fungi Colony?

It all started one faithful day with the birth of a white Ta-Ta. It was a grand day for all the Ta-Tas in the land. Mohatma-Ta and Ta-Donna gave birth to a very special Ta-Ta. All the other Ta-Tas have orange and yellow patch fur, however this little Ta has pure white. A one of a kind, this Ta-Ta is. Coming from the west, from the east, from the north and from the south, many Ta-Tas gathered to bare witness to the newly born white Ta-Ta. One by one, they gathered inside the small humble hut, eager to watch the blossoming of the white Ta-Ta’s eyes.

Darkness grew blanketing the bright lavender blue sky with ominous clouds. Rain poured violently and the loud crackling of thunder shook the hearts of those around the humble hut.

High above the sky, a mysterious ship made of clouds drifted towards the land near the humble hut, a mysterious Ta-Ta arrived. A hidden powerful aura surrounds this Ta-Ta; those who impede its path to the White Ta-Ta quickly scurried to make way. The mysterious Ta-Ta approached and laid eyes on the newly born Ta-Ta. All of the Ta-Tas in the humble hut recognized Papa-Ra-Ta, the prophet.

Long ago, Papa-Ra-Ta has once told that the day will come when the greatest of all Mahatta will occur. To them, Mahatta meant “great chaos”. “This Mahatta”, the prophet said, “will occur on the birth of a white Ta-Ta”. All Ta-Tas gave disbelief, until this very day. The prophecy came true. No known Ta-Ta history has it rained this much. It wasn’t a grand day at all, many Ta-Tas had realized.

In the muddy banks of swamp TiKi-Ta-Ka, lived an isolated Ta-Ta who loves to collect mushrooms. With the rain pouring so heavily, this Ta-Ta decided to stay home. Danger brewed inside the hut. There was a sudden change of atmosphere inside the kitchen room, a mixture of various mushrooms inside one sack begun to meld together. A rotten scent lingered throughout the house. The scent has made this lonesome Ta-Ta hungry. Controlled by the ominous scent, this Ta-Ta could not resist hunger. Driven towards the kitchen, this Ta-Ta could not control itself from making a sandwich with toppings from the various fungi found inside the sack. With one bite, all is lost for this poor little Ta-Ta. For now on, this Ta-Ta has a name, Corrup-Ta. Driven by the fungi inside its tummy, this Ta-Ta had one purpose: To create the Fungi Colony and infest the land of Ta.

Now with the infestation throughout the land of Ta, many of the Ta-Tas has become slaves to the Fungi Colony. A few of the Ta-Tas lay refuge to their emergency hide-out in the crevasses of the northern mountains. This hide-out was constructed long ago to help Ta-Tas escape whatever calamity that is bound to happen. The hide-out happens to be a flying cloud fortress. The cloud fortress launched up high above the sky where no Fungi can reach.

Before they left, Papa-Ra-Ta told them that the White Ta-Ta holds the power to invoke “Mahatta”. This is the “Mahatta” that will cleanse the land of the infestation. The Ta-Tas were confused, “Mahatta” has always been associated with calamity (which is what just happened). But “chaos” meant neither good nor bad. “Mahatta” is still a dangerous power and it is all up to the White Ta-Ta.

Unfortunately with the invasion of the Fungi Colony, the White Ta-Ta’s location is not known. The Ta-Tas now begins their journey to find the Legendary White Ta-Ta and cleanse the land of Ta from the Fungi Infestation.