About RenegadeWare

RenegadeWare materialized during Dave Dionisio’s years in college. Dave needed a place to show some awesomeness, and thus RenegadeWare was born.

We all hope you enjoy what RenegadeWare has to offer. It is you that keeps us alive. You see, the energy that emits off of the internets goes through the tubes and through this the vibes propagate into a ball of energy feeding through your very soul (in a good way). The enthusiasm is tossed back into the internet tubes to feed our hunger. That is the hunger to make more awesomeness. So in a way, we play catch!

RenegadeWare's Goals

RenegadeWare's goal has been and always will be to create visuals and entertainment for all to enjoy.

The Team:
Dave Dionisio

With great ambition to create the next generation of video gaming, David Dionisio worked hard to gain knowledge and to hone his skills during his years in Digipen Institute of Technology. The games in this site are the results of his passion and dedication to his trade.

However, determination and dedication cost him lack of sleep and a normal life; it was well worth it. As such he was able to master both programming and art in his own twisted way.


Homies Action Pack GDD

This was a concept document I made as a side project that I worked on during the summer of 2002. It was for a Pocket PC. I heard it runs well on an actual Pocket PC, but unfortunately, I do not have one myself.

TED Concept Document.

This was the concept I made for the 2nd year project in Digipen. It's a top-down 2D action game with violent cute critters.

Supper GDD

This is the game design document for the 3rd year project in Digipen. It's a real time strategy game using a 3D engine.

Supper Art Directions

This document was used to define how art assets are to be made for the game Supper.

Ta-Ta Mahatta GDD

This is the game design document made for the 4th year project: Ta-Ta Mahatta in Digipen.