Happy Star Production

Team Members:

Warren Church Producer
Steve Johnson Designer
Mark Thrall Technical Director
Jeff Keely Product Manager
Jason Gould asst. Technical Director
David Dionisio asst. Designer
Jhon Restrepo Spanish Translation


Reign is a multi-character, story based puzzle game where the player must break barriers using colored blocks to achieve a goal.

The Controls:

Blocks fall to the center of the screen, you are given a random colored block randomly starts in 4 sides. You control the block with the arrow keys. When the block is moving downward(starts from the top), the down arrow key makes the block move faster, the left and right arrow key moves it left and right. When the block is moving to the left(starts from the leftside), the left arrow key makes the block move faster, the up and down arrow key moves it up and down. You figure out the rest. Also, the blocks will only land towards it's direction, so when a block is moving downward, it will land on top of a block. There are also the rotate keys(clockwise/counter clockwise), this rotates the block attached on the moving block. The rest of the key is easy to figure, the 'use item key' and the 'use super move' key. The whole thing sounds confusing, but once you get used to it, you will start enjoying the game.



Reign Version 1.0 April 11, 2000


4,374 KBytes
System Requirements:
Platform PC
Operating System Windows NT sp5/2000/XP (does not work on 95/98/ME)
CPU 100 MHz or higher
RAM 16 MB or higher
Sound Card 100% Windows compatible
Input keyboard