TED is a top-down adventure game following a disillusioned bunny's journey through his dreams.

Genre: Top-down Arcade Adventure

Plumero Production
Team 1

David Dionisio Designer
Robert Jones Producer
Mark Thrall Product Manager
Steve Johnson Technical Director
Jeremy Mayo Lead Tester
Jhon Restrepo Programmer
Jean Bessette-Tyler Technical Writer


Ted Bunny was sitting playing a video game for hours that eventually turned into days. The frustration built so high that he could no longer take it. Ted rushed to his feet and threw the controller at the television screen.

Ted was tired and angry. He decided that he needed some rest and headed for bed. Ted mumbled quietly to himself about how he could make a better game and that he couldn't believe that he had wasted so much time on such trash. Ted finally got in to bed and closed his eyes. As soon as the darkness set in, his dreams went wild.

Ted had entered his dream. A game, where squirrels were taking over the world and threatening his life and the life of his family. Ted, angered by the news, grabs a pea shooter and sets out to make sure that the squirrels get what is coming to them.


W, S, A, D Moves Ted up, down, left, right
Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button Use item
Q, E Select Item previous, next

By David Dionisio



TED Version 1.0 April 12, 2001

Available upon request. Email: David Dionisio

25,599 KBytes
System Requirements:
Platform PC
Operating System Windows NT sp5/98 sp2/ME/2000/XP
CPU 200 MHz or higher
RAM 16 MB or higher
DirectX version 3 or above
Sound Card 100% Windows compatible
Input mouse, keyboard