David Dionisio

Homies is based on the game The Brainies(tm) by Titus(tm) for Super Nintendo

Genre: 3D top-down puzzle

This is a side project David Dionisio made. This game was done in only two weeks,
so it's missing a lot of contents.

How To Play:
The goal of the game is to get each homies to their corresponding colored home.

Move the hand by pressing the up/down/left/right arrow keys.
To select a homie, press the spacebar. Once selected, you can move the homie
by pressing the up/down/left/right arrow keys.



Homies Version 1.0 December 10, 2001


2,604 KBytes
System Requirements:
Platform PC
Operating System Windows 98 sp2/ME/2000/XP
CPU 400 MHz or higher
RAM 32 MB or higher
Graphics/Video Card 3D acceleration with 8MB RAM
DirectX version 8.1 or above
Sound Card 100% Windows compatible
Input mouse, keyboard