Homies Action Pack

David Dionisio


Action Side-Scrolling Puzzle game


Homies Action Pack is an action side-scrolling puzzle game with a wide variety of puzzle elements and action strategy.


In Homies, the player controls four different colored homie (red, green, blue, yellow). Each has it’s own unique abilities. The player must send each colored homy to it’s corresponding ‘home’ before time runs out. If time runs out, the ‘Try Again’ screen will show up and the player can continue or quit. Continuing will deduct one ‘try’ from the player. The player cannot continue if there is no ‘try’ left. Once everyone is at ‘home’, the level is won. Switches/doors/teleports are found throughout the game that has a specific color that can only be used by the correct colored homie. There are also traps and enemies throughout the level that can hurt the homies. The ‘Try Again’ screen will show up if one of the homie dies. The player must utilize the four homies in order to get them home. The player can only control one homy and can cycle through which homy to control.

Whenever a homie is hit, the homie becomes invulnerable for a few seconds. This way the player can move the homie out of harm’s way. The portrait also changes whenever the homy is hit.

The player can collect items from the level by moving the selected homie over it. The item will be activated by the selected homie.

An enemy will respawn in time after they get killed.

If the player wins the level, the time remaining is added to the player’s score.


Arrow Key

Moves currently selected homy left or right.
When paused, used to scroll around the map.
Arrow Key
Use for climbing a ladder.
When paused, used to scroll around the map.
Z Use Skill
Arrow Key
Activate switches/teleportation/etc.
X Selects next homy to control
Space Pause, player can choose to view the level or restart the level




Homies Action Pack Version 1.0 August 21, 2002


1,634 KBytes
System Requirements:
Platform PC
Operating System Windows 98 sp2/ME/2000/XP
CPU 200 MHz or higher
RAM 16 MB or higher
Sound Card N/A
Input keyboard