Homies CGB

David Dionisio
Color Gameboy project created as a school project in Digipen using actual Color Gameboy development hardware and using my very own tile editor.


Action Side-Scrolling Puzzle game


Homies CGB is an action side-scrolling puzzle game with a wide variety of puzzle elements and action strategy.


In Homies, the player controls four different colored homie (red, green, blue, yellow). Each has it’s own unique abilities. The player must send each colored homy to it’s corresponding ‘home’ before time runs out. If time runs out, the ‘Try Again’ screen will show up and the player can continue or quit. Continuing will deduct one ‘try’ from the player. The player cannot continue if there is no ‘try’ left. Once everyone is at ‘home’, the level is won. Switches/doors/teleports are found throughout the game that has a specific color that can only be used by the correct colored homie. There are also traps and enemies throughout the level that can instantly kill a homie. The homie will respawn to it's starting location upon death. The player must utilize the four homies in order to get them home. The player can only control one homy and can cycle through which homy to control.


Left/Right Moves currently selected homy left or right.
When paused, used to scroll around the map.
Up/Down Use for climbing a ladder.
When paused, used to scroll around the map.
A button Use Skill
B button Activate switches/teleportation/etc.
Select Selects next homy to control
Start Pause, player can scroll around the map with the up/down/left/right btns.
When Select/A/B button is pressed, the level will restart.

The Homies:

Red Homie

This totally insane homy is armed with a desert eagle that can blow up any fool’s head.
Skill: shoot gun.

Green Homie This homy is built tough to withstand many blows. This homy is immune to any projectiles fired upon by enemies or traps. Though without skills, this homy can be of use as a shield from projectiles.
Skill: none
Blue Homie Quick and dirty is what this homy is. This homy’s swiftness gives it the ability to teleport one block forward. Use this homy to teleport into inaccessible areas.
Skill: teleport
Yellow Homie This homy can smash breakable walls with its hammer. The hammer can also be used to smash someone’s face.
Skill: hammer smash.


Bunny Explodes upon impact of any homy. This mindless animal only moves straight and will move to the opposite direction if it reaches a wall.
Angry Grandma fires a .45 magnum straight without fear. The angry grandma does not move and will change direction and shoot straight where a homy is located.
Sappy moves along the left side of the wall. This enemy can only be killed by Yellow’s mighty hammer. All projectiles will pass through this enemy.
Scentless Face Half the man it used to be, this troubled face is longing for a ‘colorful’ resolution to stop its eternal up/down or left/right movement. This enemy can block all projectiles and can only be killed by Yellow’s mighty hammer.
Slime This mindless creep moves left/right on a platform.
Angry This is an angry face that bounces around the level. It’s really angry! All projectiles will pass through this enemy and can only be killed by Yellow’s mighty hammer.
Spikey This enemy has nothing better to do and moves just like the slime, except faster. Spikey will stop moving for a few seconds if hit by Red’s bullet. This enemy can only be killed by Yellow’s mighty hammer.


Solid Wall no one can walk through these.
Color Door can only be accessed by the correct colored homy.
Opened Color Door can be accessed by anyone.
Colored Teleport warps the correct colored homy to the other same colored teleport. Use action button to activate.
Ladder can be climbed by any homy.
Colored Switch activates/deactivates the corresponding colored doors. Can only be used by the correct colored homy. Use action button to activate.
Colored Home Base allows victory when all homies are in their corresponding home base.
Cracked wall can be smashed by the yellow homy.
Spikes ouch!



Homies CGB Version 1.0 April 23, 2002


256 KBytes
System Requirements:

Color Gameboy
Recommended emulator: VisualBoyAdvance