Supper puts you in control of an infectious civilization to discover a world beyond the bowels of biological wastes.

Genre: 3D Real Time Strategy Simulation

This is a two semester junior project at Digipen, developed by three people. With not enough manpower and time, the game is incomplete. The game was discontinued as each of the team member pursued other interests.

DOWNLOAD SUPPER Version 1.0 April 19, 2002

Target Audience:

Though childish and comical, Supper requires an understanding and quickness small children may not match. The game also features mild animated violence. Supper is mostly from the Simulation/ Strategy genre, due to its resource management, strategic combat, and its realistic 3D nature. But, it also contains many instances of fantasy and humor normally reserved to adventure and role-playing games. Despite this, it is recommended that the game be marketed primarily to the strategy gaming audience, as strategy is its main genre. We anticipate a “T for Teen” rating.