Upon entering the game, you will come upon the main menu. The options menu has sound and display options you can set. Load lets you load a previously saved game, and play takes you to the Colony Select Menu. There you can select a colony type, the name of which is displayed at the bottom. Next comes the Opponent Selection Screen. The top set of arrows is used to change the type of sandwich the game is played upon. By default, this is the smallest sandwich. The second set of arrows changes the number of opponents you will fight against. Right clicking on a Parasite opponent’s portrait will change it to a Slime. Left clicking on a Slime Opponent’s portrait will change it to a Parasite. You can also type in a name for your colony at the top. When you are happy with you decisions, press ‘GO!’ and the game will begin.
In Game:
While playing the game, your normal Windows cursor will change to the in-game cursors. While in the lower menu portion of the screen, the cursor will be a green arrow. But, when the cursor is on the terrain, it will become a target. The target is actually in the 3D world and will change size as it move farther back into the terrain. The target is used to select units either by clicking on them, or by dragging and selecting a group. Only one enemy unit may be selected at once.

When a single unit you own is selected, several icons will appear at the bottom of the screen. The largest icon is a portrait of the unit. Beneath that are the names of the unit and its colony. To the right of the portrait are three icons and two bars. From left to right, the icons represent the unit’s strength, defense, and movement speed. The red bar shows how much life remains in the unit, and the blue bar shows how hungry the unit is. If the blue bar goes empty, the unit will start losing life. For the Slime, the life and hunger bar stay at the same level and are directly associated with the unit’s size.

When a Parasite Queen or Princess is selected, a hammer button appears in the lower left corner of the screen. This brings up a unit creation window, where you can select which unit you wish to create. That unit’s portrait will slowly fade in on the lower right side. That is also where you can see what units a Queen or Princess is carrying. Clicking the ‘S’ button will make the units exit the Queen or Princess if nothing is blocking the way. If a Slime is selected, the build menu gives you the option of splitting off a Slime of the selected type from the original. When more than one Slime is selected, the build menu selection will make the Slime try to create a new unit of the selected type.

The Cheese button in the bottom left corner activates the in-game options screen, where you can save, load, change options, or quit the game. There are also two buttons near the ‘S’ button. They are magnify in and magnify out. Pressing one or the other will change your viewing distance from the terrain, allowing you to see more detail, or see more action.

Commands are given to units by right clicking. Right clicking on terrain will tell the units to move. Clicking on an enemy will tell the selected units to attack. Clicking on poop when you are Slime, or corpses when you are the Parasites will cause the units to eat. If you are playing as the Parasites, right clicking on a friendly Queen or Princess will make the unit try to enter. Right clicking a Squire will make the unit go up to the squire and get some food.