System Req.

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For technical issues not found here, email: support@renegadware.com

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Display Problems/Issues:

Papara Tata requires you to have DirectX 7.0 installed. You can get the latest DirectX version from Microsoft's DirectX homepage:


Papara Tata requires you to be running in 16-bit color or better. It will not
display and/or function properly in 8-bit (256 colors).

Performance Issues:

If the game runs slowly in windowed mode in 32-bit color, try to switch to fullscreen mode or set your desktop to use 16-bit color.

If the game runs slowly during game play, you can go to the Options in Main Menu and set 'Scene Animation' to 'No'.

To further improve the performance of the game, close any unnecessary programs that may be running in the background. Antivirus programs and security programs are notorious for slowing down your computer and can even cause various problems with some games.


If the program doesn't seem to recognize your Registration Information, check carefully that you've typed it in correctly. One helpful way to insure you typed in the information correctly is by copy-and-pasting the Registration Information. To do this, highlight the information item by left mouse clicking and dragging the mouse all the way to the end of the information item. Then press Ctrl+C and paste the information item to its corresponding blank field by pressing Ctrl+V. Do this for each Registration Information item.

If you can't get to the online registration site to buy your registration code,
make sure your internet connection is working properly. You must be connected to the internet. If it still doesn't work, check back in a little while to see if there was a temporary problem with our servers.